About Patreon

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows patrons to pledge to pay a set amount every time the creator they are supporting creates something. In the case of Worlds Without Master, patrons pay their pledge level every time a new issue is released. As a patron, you never pay until after you have received the issue, you can change your pledge level at any time, and you can set the maximum amount you will pay to a creator per month.

The full subscription. You pay only when a new issues is released and you will receive the complete ezine as a PDF at 25% off of the cover price. Fully illustrated and as packed with as many articles and stories as we can afford.

Just the fiction. You pay only when a new issue is released and you will receive only the stories published in that issue, delivered to you as a PDF. None of that other cruft. No comics, no games, no illustrations. Just straight up, sword & sorcery fiction.  With each issue you will also receive a coupon code to get the full issue for only $1.99 more, effectively allowing you to buy the issue at the patron price of $2.99.

About Worlds Without Master

Worlds Without Master is an adventure fiction and gaming ezine featuring sword & sorcery short stories and games from Epidiah Ravachol as well as many others. An ezine that will grow in size and content as its Patron Horde grows in number.

Each issue starts with a brand new sword & sorcery short story of my own creation, which will also be freely available on the Tales page. By pledging, you help me to realize the budget for each issue, which in turn allows me to pay other creators for all the other art, fiction, comics, and games that appear in the complete ezine. This is vital. No one does anything related to Worlds Without Master for exposure.

Put your sword-arm to the test! Join the Patron Horde for as little as $1/issue. Take up this quest for bold adventure and ride with us ride against brutal violence and vile sorceries into worlds unknown.

(If you find the Patron Horde to be not your style, despair not! You can purchase back issues with a simple visit to the Bazaar.)