Worlds Without Master, Issue 2


Worlds Without Master, Issue 2


A 26-page PDF including:

  • "One Winter's Due," a story about vengeance, family and crossed oaths, by Epidiah Ravachol.
  • "Historia Imperio--Part 1," the beginning of the history of Keith Senkowski's Conspiracy of Shadows world, fiction and cartography by Keith himself.
  • Wolfspell, a roleplaying game about wolves with the human blood in their veins, by Epidiah Ravachol.
  • Illustrations by Rachel Kahn, Delfino Falciani, and Andrew DeFelice.
  • Yet another installment of "Oh, the Beating Drum!" a comic about the everyday life of adventurers by Bryant Paul Johnson.
  • And a miscellany of ill omens.
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