Worlds Without Master, Issue 5


Worlds Without Master, Issue 5


A 29-page PDF including:

  • "The Trial of the Crimson Ribbon," a tale of insufferable and indomitable curses by Jason Keeley.
  • "Day of the Coward," a tale of survival in an altered state of consciousness by Epidiah Ravachol.
  • Illustrations by Russell AshleyJuan Ochoa, and Manuela Soriani.
  • The continuing adventures of adventurers in the latest installment of "Oh, the Beating Drum!" by Bryant Paul Johnson.
  • Sorceress Bloody Sorceress, a game of intrigue, murder and, of course, sorcery by Epidiah Ravachol.
  • And a miscellany of repasts nourishing and nefarious.
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