The Realms

You do not take up sword and spell to tag along with someone else’s adventure. You do it to change the course of your destiny. To mold the world to your wants and desires.

Some of the stories, games, articles, and miscellanies found in the ezine are worlds available for you to craft your own adventures in. If you should so desire, you may take the characters, settings, and situations from any of these, create something new, and submit it to Worlds Without Master.

By default, any submission to Worlds Without Master is not part of any shared world. Creators have the usual controls over their creative properties. The following options exist only for creators who expressly want to take part in this endeavor.

Additionally, the following agreements exist solely between the creators and Worlds Without Master, and do not govern the creators’ rights in regards to any other publication.

The Free & Chaotic Realms

Anyone may submit material using the characters, settings, situations and any other part of this body of work as if it were their own as long as they also agree to make their work part of this Free & Chaotic Realm. This is as open as it gets, with the only curation being the Worlds Without Master submission process.

The Curated Realms

Material submitted using the characters, settings, situations and any other part of this body of work will be sent to the original creator or the creator’s designated curator for approval before being accepted by Worlds Without Master. If accepted, this new material is bound to that particular curated realm.

Other Shared Realms

Groups of creators who wish to find their own agreement on how to share their worlds are welcome to do so however they wish.