Torn from the Ethereal Pages of Worlds Without Master

Here, then, are the tales written by Epidiah Ravachol featured in each issue of the magazine. Each is fully funded through the the glory of the Patron Horde and made freely available on Enjoy this respite from your daily travails. Explore worlds beyond our own. Share and recommend with friend and foe alike. And when you hunger for more, lend your might to that of the Patron Horde.

Strange Bireme

Illustration by  Ed Heil

Illustration by Ed Heil

“It should have risen an hour ago along with the rest of the wildcat. This brings dark mischief.”

On the run, Snorri and Manyara take refuge among the People of the Cliffs and discover the dark intent of a night sky that does not behave as it should.

Illustration by  Rachel Kahn

Illustration by Rachel Kahn

“Thus the sisters found themselves, as they had many times before, at oath-odds.”

Caught between promises, Vanya, Ondrea, and their companions must seek a treacherous solution in wild sorceries.

Illustration by  Steven Austin

Illustration by Steven Austin

“Then I am pleased to offer you this unique experience before you should perish.”

Beseeched by a wealthy and doomed man, Muaphet Raum investigates a prophecy written in an ageless dark.

Illustation by  Gary McCluskey

Illustation by Gary McCluskey

“Save his life so that he may have opportunity to save yours one day.”

Employed by a caravan master, Manyara and Snorri test their mettle against perils of nature and commerce.

Illustration by  Russell Ashley

Illustration by Russell Ashley

"Of the many dooms awaiting him in this churning mass of viscera and colors, this was one that he could avoid. ”

An impossible war fought in an altered state.

Illustration by  Eric Quigley

Illustration by Eric Quigley

“I awoke from the restless, dreamless night of stone. I had just closed my tired eyes and in the span of a single nod the entire world rotted away.”

An enchanted pebble traps two adventurous souls from two different epochs between stone and flesh.

Illustration by  Juan Ochoa

Illustration by Juan Ochoa

“I have lived enough to know the gods do not keep all their promises, but you can trust them to keep their cruelest ones.”

A campfire on a storm-racked plain attracts wanderers willing to share food, drink, warmth and fabulous tales.

In Search of a Slaying

Illustration by  Patricia Smith

Illustration by Patricia Smith

“He whispered uncanny syllables that forced their way into her skull. As his embrace held her and struggled to control her movements, his words contended with her panic. In his arms, she learned his strange tongue.”

Patience and hunger wage war on one another as dubious negotiations are made in a storm.

The Hoard of Yengra

High Upon the Table of the World

Illustration by  Jeff Brown

Illustration by Jeff Brown

“The hill stood up, shattering the flock on its back across the sky.”

The bitter fulfillment of promises made generations ago.

Illustration by   Tiffany Turrill

Illustration by  Tiffany Turrill

“That silvery night as she watched the heroes bleed out and freeze upon the sea of sand, Yengra swam in a thrilling vertigo. The stars and moon cast above her, she had never laid eyes upon anything so far away before. She sat there long enough to witness that, ever so slowly, they moved, arcing high across the sky. She could not discern if they fell toward or away from her, or if she fell with them toward some glass bowl at the bottom of the universe.”

Commerce and justice collide and nefarious deals are made.

The Shape of the World

Illustration by Dagmara Matuszak

Illustration by Dagmara Matuszak

“By feathered beast, by night creature, by drugged laborer, and by regretful prayers, the seclusia grew over the course of a year in response to each other until they stood to rival the gleaming palace of the Shining Lord himself.”

Sorcerous rivalry, primeval love, and the very nature of the world.


The Lost Drafts

The Tale of the Wavering Path

Upon Twitter, Epidiah Ravachol has been constructing a sword & sorcery tale one tweet at a time, relying on his audience and Twitter's poll feature to tell him where to go next. The tale begins here.

But but that is the past! Those choices have been made and now you must contend with the consequences. Scroll down to the present and join the adventure!

Unlocked Abilities

  • The Garden of Forking Paths: When you lose a poll, you may sever reality. Reply to the lost poll & continue the tale as if you had won, making your own polls & path. 
  • Eidetic Level 1: The tweet from the story that gets the most retweets before January 6th, 2016, will be professionally illustrated.