Celebrating Worldwide Short Story Reading Month

At dawn tomorrow, we will see the rise of the second annual Worldwide Short Story Reading Month—wherein folks read a new short story every day for the entire month of November. 

To mark this solemn occasion, the entire back catalog is going on sale. From now until the end of Worldwide Short Story Reading Month, save 25% on the purchase of any and all Worlds Without Master back issues with the coupon code WoShoStoReMo.

Join us as we embark on this journey. And should any of the 30 worlds you visit in the next 30 days be found within the ethereal pages of Worlds Without Master, do not be shy about it. Cry out to your social media under the #WoShoStoReMo banner.

To make it easier to share, all of my fiction from Worlds Without Master can now also be found for free on Medium.com. Take a moment to wander over there and read some. Once you've read through to the end of a tale, if it has entertained you, give the recommend icon a click. Leave some breadcrumbs so future members can find their way to the Patron Horde.