Proud to be a Part of the Digital Renaissance

Two days ago, doing a Google news search for "Worlds Without Master" would have yielded nothing.  Not today! Assuming, of course, your today is the 14th of June, 2014. Otherwise, no guarantees.

Thanks to The Guardian's Damien G. Walter, the ezine has, for the very first time, international press! It's tucked into a delightful article about the rise of sci-fi and fantasy fiction in the age of crowdfunding. You can give it a read here (spoilers, the reference you're looking for happens at the very end):

Such a momentous occasion deserves an equally momentous symbolic gesture: my inaugural blog post on the brand new Worlds Without Master homepage. None of you will see this yet, since we've yet to go live. But it shall lie in wait for that fateful day you happen upon it.

Over the next month or so, I shall collect and revisit a number of older posts about the ezine that I've made over at Dig a Thousand Holes and on G+, including various Wolfspell and Swords Without Master material and the accounting of the lessons I learned publishing the first three issues.