A New Home for the Patron Horde

Behold! Rising over the Internet like a wizard's eyrie—a new home for Worlds Without Master.


We are swiftly approaching the first anniversary of this little Patreon campaign. I cannot express how much I owe to the Patron Horde for their support. But that certainly won't stop me from trying. As you explore the new site, pay close attention to the From the Horde page. Here you will find a sampling of endeavors contributors and members of the Patron Horde have embarked on themselves. It is but a fledgling at the moment, but I wish this page to grow. If you are a member of the Patron Horde or someone who has contributed to Worlds Without Master and you have a project of your own you'd like to share with the horde, send me:

  • A link to where we might find your work,
  • A 6.5 inch wide by 3.25 inch tall black & white graphic ad,
  • And a short description of your project.

I will add your project to the page (though I do reserve the right to reject material deemed offensive or inappropriate). When it comes time to publish another issue, I will pluck a few of these ads from the page and sprinkle them in. And from time to time I will feature someone at the top of From the Horde page.

Featured at the top right now is Nathan D. Paoletta, who designed this very seclusium. A talented game designer who has a Patreon of his own, Nathan is also available for design work and consultations. I could not be happier with what he built here and readily recommend him.

On the Horizon

Soon now, I will start digging into Issue 5, which should round out our very first year as an ezine. It has been a long road and much has been learned along the way. There will be some looking back, but mostly are gaze will be on the horizon. This future before us shall be interesting.

Keep a vigilant eye on this blog. There are a few surprises in the works for Worlds Without Master and I am keen to share them with you. In the meantime, explore the site and share it widely.