Sunday Morning Swords

A tradition of brunch and sorcery is born. Inspired by a childhood filled with Thundarrs, Blackstars, Galtars and He-Men, we're bringing the weird fantasy back to the weekend morning.

Over on the G+ Swords Without Master community, every Sunday morning, we're gathering into online hangouts to play weekly games. All are invited. No experience with the game necessary (though it might help if you've read it). And you're free to show up whenever your schedule permits.

So if you've got the mettle, and a couple hours to spare on a Sunday morning, grab a bite to eat, fill your favorite mug with coffee, and join us for the adventure you've been craving since the days of yore.

Tips for Playing Swords on Google Hangouts

  • Check out the Swords Without Master Resources folder on Google Drive.
    • Make a copy of the Online Play Template and share it with your fellow players to record all your threads in.
  • Share your rogues in the Rogues, Eidolons & Simulacra section of the G+ community.
  • Hit the Motifs fast and hard.
    • All players should keep the threads in an open and visible window—present in their mind.
    • Add to them as swiftly.
    • A full game of Swords can be accomplished in an hour or less if everyone is attending to the Motifs.
  • Remind each other to roll the dice.
    • Rogue's Phase: Roll immediately after receiving a demand.
    • Discovery Phase: Roll as soon as you're digitally handed the dice.
    • Perilous Phase: Don't forget who has the dice and that they must be rolled to go beyond slipping and struggling.

Dicestream is a pretty handy Hangout app.

  • In the Dice tab, click the + sign next to the 6-sider twice to set the app up to roll two 6-siders.
    • You can also uncheck the checkbox labeled "Counter." It's not necessary for Swords.
  • In Settings tab, make sure "Clear Dice Selection After Roll" is unchecked and "Clear Dice Before New Roll" is checked.
    • Now in the Dice tab, whenever you click roll, it will roll two new dice for you.
  • Use the Lower Third tab to share all that is deserving of a name.
  • The left die is your Glum die and the right your Jovial.