August Eidolon & Simulacrum Challenge

A new month has arrived and so has a new Eidolon & Simulacrum Challenge over on the Swords Without Master G+ Community. This month, in the spirit of the childhoods that inspired Sunday Morning Swords the challenge is to create a rogue featuring an action figure as an eidolon or simulacrum. And although action figures swiftly lend themselves to rogues, we shouldn't neglect the toys and play sets that would make fantastic settings or foes for tales, or the toy lines that could inspire campaigns.

He-Man, Warlord, Crystar, Micronauts, Dragonriders of the Styx, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and so much more. Bring a well-worn favorite from your youth or the one you've been searching for your whole adult life to the community and let's play with toys again.

Swords Without Master appears in Volume 1, Issue 3 of Worlds Without Master