Barbarian Lord Storms the Pages of Worlds Without Master


The auspex have been read. The bones, cast. We can no longer turn from the path the wyrds have laid before us. Out of the icy north a stoic outlaw and skald treads our way—soon to cast his prodigious shadow upon our door.

Issue seven of Worlds Without Master will feature, for the first time, a brand new Barbarian Lord tale!

Barbarian Lord is not a new comic, but it is new to the pages of Worlds Without Master. If you are unfamiliar with Matt Smith's grim and lyrical work, familiarize yourself so that you may meet your fate absent regrets.

If you are familiar with the storied deeds of the Barbarian Lord, you know that this is cause for celebration. Summon the mead troll and put your hall into order. At month's end, this stout guest sups at your table alongside the usual host of sword & sorcery fiction and games found within each issue Worlds.

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