The Lost Drafts

Just as not all tales need to be drawn out into epic trilogies; not all short stories need a full dozen pages in Worlds Worlds Without Master. Some need but a few paragraphs to tell their tale.

I have a temperamental app that lets me craft messy typewriter-esque drafts. Plus, it let's me do it while making a bunch of clanking typewriter-esque noise. The creative constraints bound within the limited size of each page, the lack of the most commonly used word-processing features, and the way the app refuses to cooperate with my keyboard, have all made this delightful medium to tool around in.  And the output is ugly in a rather pleasant way.

Most story ideas I have do not make it to the size of a Worlds Without Master tale. For a lot of these, the central idea or image occurs to me, I jot it down, and if it feels whole as is or at least it doesn't cry out for more, it lays fallow.

This is where the Lost Drafts Initiative comes in. I'm going to take some of these ideas and try to punch them into that temperamental app, and then publish the raw results here on the Tales page and over at All to give these stories a chance to live somewhere other my hard drive. I may revisit them in the future, flesh them out or cannibalize them for a larger tale, but right now they can enjoy the free-range life as a Lost Draft.