Wolf Neighbours

As of this writing, we have just met our $1,750 funding milestone for unlocking monthly issues! Now you must learn of your Wolf Neighbours.

Joining Bryant Paul Johnson's Oh, the Beating Drum! and Matt Smith's Barbarian Lord in the rotation of comics at Worlds Without MasterWolf Neighbours is the tale of Gove and Miter, two outsider farmers whose land is being encroached upon by mysterious magics and beasts.

I was bowled over when Rachel Kahn offered to do the comic for Worlds Without Master. These characters and their situation would be right at home in our pages. And that alone would have been enough to accept the comic, regardless of who pitched it. But this was Rachel Kahn, the mind and the hand behind By Crom!  I have been an admirer of her work for a while now. Which is precisely why I asked her to illustrate "One Winter's Due" from issue 2 (and folks those illustrations!) and to provide us with our first, glorious, full-color illustrated cover. The opportunity to bring such things about is one of the great joys of editing Worlds. 

We won't see the first installment of Wolf Neighbours until the end of next month. We won't know what plagues Gove and Miter, nor how they may deal with it until then. The wait will be excruciating, but you may find some measure of solace by reading Orin and the Dead Man's Sword—another one of Rachel's comic and one set in the same world as Wolf Neighbours.