Second Sunday Swords & the Discord Without Master

If you have not been to the Discord Without Master, perhaps now is the time! It is a gathering place for those in search of adventure, where Rogues like yourself can find equal company and arrange for games of Swords Without Master (found in issue 3 of Worlds Without Master).

No experience required!

You need not even have read the rules. This is a welcoming community more than willing to teach the game as they play and ready to organize pick-up games throughout the week.

Second Sunday Swords

But of course, tis tradition to play Swords is on Sunday & starting this Sunday, the Discord is embarking on a new tradition: #2ndSundaySwords On the second Sunday of every month they are organizing games around a unified themes, using bits from the advanced game. (But you don't need to know the advance parts of the game to play.) This week's tale is:

“The City of a Thousand Tombs” - A tale of Horror and Fabulous Treasure featuring the Gaunt Revenant.

Bring your best ne'er do well tomb robber & join an expedition into this dismal necropolis! A king's ransom awaits any freebooter willing to descend into these dread lairs, but not all that enter will return...

So if you’re curious about Swords, or just find yourself in want of adventure this Sunday, join the Discord Without Master and sate yourself.